Are you dining at the best canteen in Denmark?

Each day Meyers Kantiner is serving around 25,000 meals in 80 canteens. In one of the canteens at Bech-Bruun, Denmark’s biggest law firm, the head chef, Giovanni Fico, is nominated for the 2017 Canteen Prize. Starring in the film, Giovanni Fico and Martin Riber Povlsen, the CFO at Bech-Bruun, talk about the joys and financial benefits that a high-quality canteen provide.

The importance of the film was to emphasize the quality of Meyers Kantiner, why the visuals had to look raw but still delicate and high-end. To add a raw look to the film we brought an old school analogue camera to set, and the film ended up featuring unprocessed stills shown at a fast pace matching the Meyers brand and the vibe of a high quality canteen.

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