We are Santander Consumer Bank

Banco Santander is a global corporation with 190.000 employees worldwide and currently looking to hire new engaged employees in all their markets. For Santander Consumer Bank to attract the right employees in the Nordics we created this film to show their awesome culture.

When working at Santander you become part of a fresh company culture with numerous activities, events and cool stuff. To capture the feeling of the company culture we travelled through 4 different countries to visualize how the community works. The approach of the film is "show and don’t tell" so future employees can see for themselves and make their own impression. To match the diverse and exciting company culture with the style of the video we made it humoristic and authentic.

We included real events and real employees to reflect the modern bank’s values. To make the recruitment more targeted we created different versions of the film. The videos were made in several versions that included interviews from different positions, departments and topics.

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